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Lawbox: Lawyers for Permanent Residence Applications in the Province Of Quebec

You are in the process of making one of the most importance decision of your life: to apply for permanent residence in the province of Quebec or another province in Canada.

Our specialized immigration lawyers for permanent residence applications can demystify this process for you! By analyzing your file in light of the various federal and provincial criteria and programs offered in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, our immigration lawyers will determine the best way to proceed in order for you to achieve your dream and obtain the coveted permanent residence and place you on the path to Canadian citizenship. The main programs for permanent residence are:

  • skilled workers in Quebec;
  • federally qualified workers;
  • investors, entrepreneurs;
  • Canadian experience.

Our immigration lawyers will take care of your case from A to Z, or according to your needs, our lawyers specialized in permanent residence applications can simply answer your questions and offer you the legal information needed to complete your application.

Simplify your application for permanent residence with Lawbox lawyers

At first glance, filling out some forms may seem simple and easy to achieve. As such, you may be inclined to believe that you do not need outside counsel. However, the information we include in the forms, and in the application itself, can have important consequences. Our knowledge of the inner workings and administrative procedures can be the difference between an acceptance and a refusal. For example, failing to declare a spouse or child in an application for permanent residence will subsequently impede you from sponsoring that family member, any omissions or misrepresentations may lead to the withdrawal of your status, even after you’ve became a Canadian citizen.

When your permanent resident card expires, in the event that you are not ready or do not meet the conditions for obtaining your Canadian citizenship, we can apply for a renewal of your permanent residence.To that end, our immigration lawyers will be able to accompany you every step of the way.

Our professionals’ fees are fixed in all immigration applications, so you will not have any surprises when receiving your invoice, this means you will know exactly what you have to pay and what you will receive for your money.

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