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SPECIALIZED Family Law Attorneys

Finding a family law lawyer who understands your reality, is empathetic to your situation and available to accompany you through every step of a legal process is a challenge in itself. A family law case is often filled with strong emotions. As such, it is important that legal advice issued by your family lawyer reflect this reality. The goal behind our family law practice is to help you achieve an affordable, timely and favorable outcome that will help you put this episode of your life behind you. So that you can move on with a feeling of hope and enthusiasm for the future.

Our lawyers specializing in family law will guide and advise you on your family law problems. And this, while explaining you the options available so that you can make informed choices that will respect your vision of the issues. Lawbox family lawyers are good listeners and make themselves available for any emergency.

Our lawyers will be able to represent you or advise you in the following cases:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Marriage annulment
  • Child care
  • Alimony
  • Estates
  • Contestation of filiation
  • Marriage contracts

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Members of the Barreau du Québec, our lawyers work in Montreal, but also in various municipalities in the suburbs of Montreal.

Lawbox team’s ultimate goal is to serve your cause according to your version of the events. Receive clear answers from someone whose primary goal is to serve your cause, not to sell you services.

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Our service offering in the area of family and personal law reflects our commitment to promoting accessibility to justice. As such, we offer flexible pricing and a personalized approach to put you at the heart of your file.

Individual rights and capacity of persons law consist of the protection, planning, and management of the fundamental rights of a physical person. With regard to family law, the social context and the constant evolution of our society have made this field of practice an area of complexity and depth. In addition, the unique nature of family law regulations, given the human factor and the impact on the lives of individuals, makes it important to obtain legal advice from a professional who is sensitive to your demands.

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