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Under the Divorce Act, there are three grounds that can justify an application for divorce, namely: the undermining of the will to live together, physical or psychological cruelty, and adultery.

All divorces must be pronounced by a judge. However, this does not preclude the parties from agreeing themselves to the consequences of their divorce, namely the division of property, custody of children and alimony, if applicable. That’s why our family law attorneys have mastered the techniques of negotiation and mediation so as to facilitate an amicable divorce, whenever possible. This, while always considering your desire to end the proceedings quickly as to facilitate your wish to move on quickly. In the event that the parties agree on all the consequences and that said divorce is not requested because of cruelty or adultery, the parties are allowed to file a petition for divorce amicably. Nonetheless, even when the application for an amicable divorce is not file early in the process, parties can always agree on the consequences of some or all of the consequences at every step of the process. In fact files are often settled in the months, weeks, or even days before appearing before a judge.


Regardless of the status of your relationship, whether or not you have made the decision to file for a divorce petition, our family law attorneys will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and to advance your best interests. We understand that first and foremost you want to return to a normal, worry-free life in order to focus on the future and it is in that spirit that we are willing to help.

Whether you are ready to fight to the bitter end, or want to settle the case amicably, our lawyers will accompany you through the process protecting your economic and family interests as well as those of your children.

The law on divorce in Canada is governed at the federal level, however there are several aspects of family law, including several affecting marriage and divorce that are governed at the provincial level. Our attorneys are also familiar with international family law aswell as the differences between the different Canadian jurisdictions. As such, our lawyers will be able to advise you, no matter where your spouse lives, whether he resides elsewhere in Canada or internationally.

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