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Business law is a field that calls upon various body legislations which governs the obligations and responsibilities of corporations’ aswell as all important actors involved with said company, whether they are shareholders, directors or officers. As such, several federal and provincial laws play a prominent role in the constitution and subsequent management of the business, such as:

Federal laws:

o    Canada Business Corporations Act

o    Competition Act

o    Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act

o    Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act

Provincial laws:

Business Corporations Act

Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprisesSecurities Act

Securities Act

Civil Code of Quebec


Although it is possible to incorporate either at the federal or provincial level, in reality and in the eyes of the law, there are very few practical distinctions between a federal or provincial company. Consequently, the constitutive law will not affect in any way the obligations of the company towards the different bodies and laws in force.

Our lawyers specializing in business law can act as legal counsel for your company. These lawyers can guide you and establish the best legal structure according to the particularities of your business project. Our business lawyers can defend the interests of your company in any litigation that may be of concern to the company, be it commercial, between shareholders or contractual.

Practicing in the field of business law in Montreal, Quebec, our specialists can also advise you on certain aspects of international business law. In addition, in partnership with a network of experienced professionals we can contract the necessary expertise to present you with a complete service offer in order to meet every needs of your business.

We are well aware that goal-oriented entrepreneurs want turn-key solutions in Canada. As such, our mission is to act as a companion to prevent litigation. This in order to minimize uncertainty, financial threats, and any issues related to public affairs and reputation that may affect your business.

Trust us for your business law needs. Contact one of our professionals today.

Our lawyers can represent you or advise you on the following topics:

  • Collection of Claim
  • Legal advisor
  • Shareholder Agreement
  • Incorporations
  • Trademark
  • Drafting of contract

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